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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 3, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. how firefighters believe it got it started small, then the wind fanned the flames. more than three dozen cars burned. how firefighter believe it got started. holiday heat wave, how the bay area is trying to cool off turned a blanket of triple digit temperatures. no rest for the weary. the casey anthony murder case goes to the jury tomorrow even though it's a holiday. re m the heat in parts of the bay area tonight. good evening. nighttime has been brought some reef from the relief in rt of the bay area tonight. hi, don. hi. high heat left many hookfor -- looking for relief, some by open water and some on the snow. it only got into the mid-
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80s in oakland but that was warm enough to get out of the house and head for the lake. >> i went out for some ice cream then i came out to read when it cooled off a little bit. >> what are you guys doing to keep cool? >> anything possible. >> we're just relaxing and playing some card games. >> reporter: everywhere around the bay people tried to cool down. this is one fun way to keep the heat. frolicking in raging waters in san jose. fine if you don't mind the crowds. the hol hot day weekend put -- hot holiday weekend put people in the pool. family members toss some meat on the holiday grill. >> the kids, we sent them to the pool and then when they come back, all the food will be nice and ready. >> reporter: you head to say it when -- hate to say it, but
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this is a high pressure that is trapping bad air. no one is saying don't barbecue, but do it with consideration. >> i know it's a holiday weekend and people are going to be barbecuing, it's better to use your gas grill and the other thing is if you're going to use a charcoal grill, it's important not to use lighter fluid to start it. >> reporter: it was pre' deducted we would death a -- predicted we could get a break sooner than later. skiers are enjoying a last fling with lake tahoe snow. it's warm there, too. in the 80s this afternoon at lake level. skiers were wearing beach jams.
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judge so. >> so lots of options for keeping cool. >> thanks very much. and, yes, it really was a scorcher. how hot it really got. >> it got so hot we're looking at triple digits. these are some of the highest temperatures . we did see 108 for walnut creek. it was the high. san rafael, 101. livermore, 103. there is a relief in sight very soon. i've got the details coming up. back to you. well, tonight investigators are trying to dem if fireworks -- determine if fireworks started a fire that torched dozens of cars. the damage from the wind fueled flames, watch this. >> reporter: 300 cars are parked here.
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some time before 3:00 p.m., witnesses saw some of them in flames. no one saw how it started. >> there were reports of fireworks but unknown at the time. >> reporter: high winds forced firefighter to chase the flames. >> when we arrived, we found about 10 vehicles on fire. the wind is blowing in the northeast direction, it was catching the the grass underneath the vehicles and we were chasing basically a grass fire that was catching vehicles on fire. >> reporter: 45 cars burned. at one point firefighter evacuated a nearby hotel. >> it had a run on us. we had to spray form just because of the fuel and everything else that's in there. it gets really slippery. >> reporter: the dry brush is a big problem. hour after the flames -- hours after the flames were put out, the fire is still smoldering under the cars.
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the fire marshall began a meticulous search for evidence. some fireworks debris was spotted but not where the fire started. they say it's highly possible the cause of the fire may remain a mystery. arson is suspected in a fire at a fireworks san in stockton. the stand was run by a nonprofit group called "parents by choice." they say it was used as a fundraiser. yesterday they found it in flames. it appears to have been intentionally set. the group says it will build a new stand. more drunken driving arrest in the bay area this weekend. highway patrol officers have arrested 67 people suspected of driving under the influence. that's ten more arrests in the same time period for last time.
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no word yet if alcohol was a factor in a car crash that killed a fremont man this morning. here's something you don't hear about too often, a small plane lands on top of a car driving on the freeway. it happened tonight. assess in a landed on a mercedes. the pilot issued a may day call. there is no reports of injuries, but as you can imagine, the car was damaged. the plane is on the side of the freeway not blocking traffic. other bay area headlines, the plane that crashed fried night has been pulled out of the water. after gaining just a few feet of altitude, it nosied into the water. the people are okay but it took until today to find the wreckage under water.
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the pie locality of a crop dusting -- pilot of a crop dusting helicopter came down hard about 6:30 this morning at brentwood boulevard. the pilot was flown to the hospital. his injuries were not serious. the faa is investigating. that 300-year-old oak tree in san mateo county may be saved after all. the puc wants to remove the tree nicknamed grandee to make way for a pipeline. if a neighborhood organization or nonprofit takes responsibility for the oak and the land around it, it would consider tunneling under it even if it is more expensive to do so. no holiday for the jury in the casey anthony murder trial. the jury will begin deliberations on a case that has rivetted the nation.
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more on closing arguments. >> casey anthony defense spent it's final hours in front of the jury trying to convince them there is not enough evidence to convict her of murder. >> the reason you don't have that evidence they are trying to find because it's an unprovable case. >> they tried to days credit the state's charge that the 25- year-old suffocated her 2-year- old caley. they pointed the finger at anthony's father saying he covered up an accidental drowning. they were not allowed to bring up allegations that he month lessed his daughter -- molested his daughter. >> i don't think anybody here can justify her actions. but they do not constitute murder. many of the seven women and five men on the jury appear tired as the day wore on.
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they have now been separated for six weeks and finally are expected to deliberate on monday. but first the prosecution will have the final word with their rebuttal to their defense. they talked about her lying and part yessing with her new -- partying with her new boyfriend. >> we can only hope that the drug was used before the duct tape. >> they say she did not want to be a mom. the defense believed she's an imperfect mother who is wrongly accused. soon, the jury will decide. river. an exxon-mobil environmental teams are examining damage from an oil spill. an exxon mobile pipeline ruptured friday. cleanup crews are using absorbant material to soak up
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the oil. the environmental protection agency says only a small fraction of the spilled oil is likely to be recovered. no word yesterday on what caused the -- no word yet on what caused the leak. no sign of unusual radiation levels near the wildfire. today, an epa aircraft showed aid ation levels about the same as before the fire broke out nearly a week ago. meanwhile, people evacuated started to return home today. in new york a motorcyclist protesting helmet laws crashed during the dem vacation and died. -- the demonstration and died. they say one of them hit his brakes, fish tailed and hit his head on the pavement. they say he would have probably survived if he had been wearing a helmet.
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organizers have a flotilla say they haven't abandoned their plans. it's docked at a greek port but the greek government has banned the vessels from leaving. they are trying to maintain momentum by staging protesting. the families of two berkeley graduates still being held in iran. they have been held on spying charges for nearly two years. one was released last fall. they went on a hunger strike. holiday sales and a new shopping incentive. the tax change that's giving it's 1% on a whole bunch.
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celebrating savings the tax change is giving shoppers. it is time to hit the beach and the pools to cool off. what a new survey calls bad summer fashion, the most annoying manners at the pool. fireworks to the experts. we have a list of places to see them all around the bay area at sf dot com, slash fo with the hot weather, it might be a good idea to leave the fireworks to the experts. ♪
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here and there. bu ows us: some knowledge -- check your receipt. you probably paid less in sales tax. some shoppers see this as a prime time to buy big. >> feels like a good day to shop for a car. >> we heard that the sales tax has dropped. >> reporter: by 1%, making this the first weekend to take advantage of the savings. >> it's 1% on a whole bunch so you're going to save some money. >> many people didn't even know it. >> it's a pretty nice surprise. >> reporter: last week, california sales tax was 8.25%. today, it's 7.25. the downside, it's driving the state further into debt losing out on $5 billion this fiscal year alone. >> it's not what you have but it's how you manage what you have. if you look historically over the years, the state has been a
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very poor manager. >> but this shopper just might be. >> 1% is not an incentive for me enough to go 300, $400 in death. if you need to buy it any way, it's not a bad deal. >> how much was this. >> 100 -- $200. >> so you saved $2. >> yes. sales people are keeping their fingers crossed. >> hopefully it drives people to come back in and drives our economy up. >> depending on where that extra money savings ends up. >> i think -- i've been talking about -- >> i don't know if we're saving that much money. >> in daly city. well, santa clara county is known as the home of young tech entrepreneurs. according to a report, the over
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85 population increased by almost 53% between 20and 20 -- over the next decade the numbers of people over 60 will nearly double. we have to see those triple digits that we did see today. we are he suing mostly -- seeing mostly clear sky conditions. no worries, triple digits for walnut creek. santa rosa, 102. definitely warm temperatures all around. we did see clear skies and tomorrow we will see mostly sunny sky conditions. about 100, 101. sunrise 5:52 a.m. we will see that early morning
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layer across the coast. it's going to go ahead and he van rate a lot of that mostster. ears a look at that high pressure region. that's going to pave the way for those fireworks. we are -- it could increase cloud coverage by tuesday into wednesday and for the next couple of days. now our overnight lows are a little bit warmer than we did feel last night. we've got fairfield at 60, oakland 57 and san jose, your overnight low 61 degrees. 60s along the coast, so temperatures are going to be a bit cooler tomorrow than we did feel today. 98 for antioch. brentwood, 99. it's still not going to be completely cool. we're going to feel very warm temperatures but cooler than we did feel last night or cooler than we did feel today.
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santa rosa, 90 degrees, your expected high. as we take a look at our pollen count, we do have a high pollen count for trees and grasses. our seven-day looking pretty good. we do have a cooldown in store by tuesday and then lingering for the next workweek. by the end of this next week, we will see temperatures ranging from the high 50s to the high 80less. but we do have to contend with the warm temperatures tomorrow. so we're not completely out of the clear but it's going to be a little bit cooler. of course, sky conditions perfect for july 4th fireworks. >> all right. thank you much. we're talking about beach weather, well, people who don't follow proper etiquette might set off some fireworks at the beach or the pool. three quarters of people think the rules are violated.
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one in four say -- what are the worst offenses? number one, blasting loudy. also making the list, public intoxication, littering, chair hugging and smoking. you might also -- speed -- 78% say it's okay for women to be topless where it's culturally acceptable. music at several stages between jackson and eddy. the festival draws about 90- thousand visitors over the kend-- making visitors were moving to live music. 90,000 visitors over the 4th of july weekend making it one of the biggest on the west coast. next, a mayor and a sheriff.
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and a 2-year-old girl falls and how show managed to -- and how she managed to survive.
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"transformers" showed off their power at the box office this weekend. the sci-fi sequel, "dark of the moon," delivered g weekend of the transformers showed off their power at the box office this weekend. the skyify sequel's "dark of the moon" delivered the biggest weekend of the year. it was enough to top the summer's previous champ, the pirates of the caribbean sequel. bad teacher round out the top 5. both cheers and je. ---- jeers greeted the royal
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couple. well wishers mostly drown out protestors. the newly wed's 9-day trip to canada will be followed with a three-day visit to california. a 2-year-old girl fell from a 10th floor balcony survived. the woman said she saw the child dangling from the balcony. the woman sprinted into place. the impact broke the woman's arm. the child suffered some internal injuries but both would be okay. she said all she could think of was her own baby and didn't hesitate to help. the mayor of a fill philippine city is -- punched a sheriff after he ignored her
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request to dee lay -- delay a demolition. she feared there would be violence if it was torn down. the sheriff was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. the sharks make another blockbuster deal. baseball's all-star teams are named. would gio gonzalez make it. answers next in a minute. [ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job
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here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪ the bay area will have five pitchers in the all-star game this year. lincecum, wilson, matt cain and ryan -- for the giants. gio gonzalez. speaking of gio, you think he's taking the gel low jersey -- yellow jersey to arizona?
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bet he does. after today's start, gio now last the third lowest e.r.a. in the american league. the rays beat the d-backs 7-2. right back up the middle, two runs come in to score. 4-3, detroit. top of the 8th, rowand, shots to the gap look like extra bases. the game-saving catch. the giants end the road trip with a 6-3 loss. the sharks traded -- a 30- year-old scored 22 goals last season. and wimbledon finals -- wins. he does his best impression. he will be the new number one player in the world. >> thanks very much.
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